Basic Troubleshooting


The screen is black, and my desktop is not turning on.

1st Strategy:

  • Wake the device from sleep mode or turn the device on by quickly pressing and releasing the power button.

2nd Strategy:

  • Check the battery level, and plug the device in to charge if necessary. Then turn on the device.

3rd Strategy:

  • Hold down the start button (10-15 seconds) to perform a hard restart.

Logging in


  • Check the spelling and use the eye icon to review your password.
  • Make sure you do NOT include when signing into your computer.

Schoology (Students & Staff)

  • Make sure you are at
  • Use the same username and password as your computer login
  • Do NOT add to the end of your username

Office 365

  • Login at
  • Login using your email and computer password

Screen Rotation / Tablet Mode

The device screen is stuck and will not rotate or the start menu is always visible.

1st Strategy (Tablet Mode):

  1. Detach the keyboard. (HP1012 Specific)
  2. Click on the action center icon. (bottom right corner- looks like a message bubble)
  3. Check to make sure rotation lock is turned off. (Blue means it is on.)

2nd Strategy:

  1. Go to “Settings”
  2. Then click “Systems” & next “Display”
  3. After you are on the display page, go to the orientation options and change the orientation to the desired view.


The device cannot seem to connect to the internet.

DO NOT use the troubleshooting tool as it will disable drivers.

1st Strategy:

  • If it has one make sure the wireless indicator light is on. If not press the wireless button on the keyboard to quickly turn the wireless back on. If the light was already on, try turning wireless off and then back on.

2nd Strategy:

  • In the notification tray make sure that airplane mode is not turned on and turn off if needed.

3rd Strategy:

  • Click the wireless icon in the bottom right hand of the screen, and turn wireless on if necessary. You may need to select the wireless network you would like to connect to, typically "USD475_Wireless". (If wireless is on but seems to be running slow or stalled out just on this device, try turning the wireless off and then back on.)

4th Strategy:

  • Click the Notification icon in the bottom right hand of the screen and make sure that the tile is blue and that you are connected to the right network.

IF the wireless appears to be connected but a specific website/page is not loading, try a different web browser. If that does not work, the website/page may be broken.

Also, if the wireless appears to be connected and all other remedies have failed, there could be a problem with the internet provider. (In that case, the wireless appears as being connected because your device is still able to connect to the access point; however, the access point is not able to connect to the internet provider.)


The microphone is not picking up audio.


No audio is playing.