Digital Citizenship

Why Worry About Digital Citizenship

Students need to start learning digital citizenship skills long before they are old enough to use social media. If we don't teach students these skills before they start their digital journey's they may run into problems like cyberbullying or identity theft. Digital citizenship skills are also needed for students just to be successful citizens in today's society. Many colleges and future employers are checking social media for information on potential candidates. While it may be tempting just to avoid social media altogether doing so can eliminate a possibility to highlight the positive skills and attributes belonging to an individual.

Some topics associated with digital citizenship are:

  • Critically thinking about sources of information
  • Knowing how to successfully search for information
  • Understanding privacy rights and terms of service
  • Understanding what sensitive information is and how to protect it
  • How to build a positive digital presence
  • How to properly communicate with others online
  • How to deal with cyberbullying
  • How to give credit to other's work (Copyright)

USD 475 Elementary Digital Citizenship

The following is the suggested sequence of Common Sense Media's Digital Citizenship lessons for USD 475.

Digital Citizenship Core Topics Determined by Common Sense Media

The icons below represent the core topics determined by Common Sense Media. You can see which elementary lessons cover those topics by looking for the icons on the tables to the left.


Parent Resources

"Raising Kids in the Digital Age (Bay Area Story)" created by Common Sense Media